At Horizon Academy we aspire to continue growing our state of the art facilities with innovative and enjoyable ways students like to learn in the classroom catering for the needs of the 21st century.

We value the importance behind effective teachers is the ones who personalize the learning for their students.  In our school we have created flexible learning environments in their phase of learning.

“Rethinks schooling”

Through much research we were able to create a zone that “rethinks schooling” allowing students the opportunity to learn best using the Flexible learning spaces which are designed to be multidisciplinary and communal spaces.  These can be configured in a number of ways for specific learning experiences. This means they provide opportunities for people to work together in new ways.

Most recently our Director General  was quoted to say: ‘My goal is for every school to be characterised by an ethos of high performance and high care’.

We believe we are achieving this at Beni Horizon Academy.


We believe in providing our students with as many different life experiences as possible.  Some of these listed provide you with some of the activities held throughout the year.  These allow our students to participate and grow in confidence.  It is quite rewarding watching students believe in themselves and take on a challenge.

  • Learning program with after-school
  • Opportunities to scientific experiments
  • Positive learning environment
  • Individual attention in small classes

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